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Your Time And Cost Objectives

Project Roles:
  • Project Leader - Coordinates all activities related to your project.
  • Project Assistant - Works as a second point of contact for all project-wide questions.
  • Developer - Performs application coding.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer - Tests application functionality and controls the quality and standard conformity.
Optional Roles:
  • Business Analyst- Provides specific business related information for the entire team.
  • Interactive Designer- Creates or supports existing graphics design of the application.
  • Technical writer- Documentation creation and editing.

From the First Careful Step ...

From the first step we take, we carefully set up the architecture of the project thus being able to eliminate any errors or mistakes. These are the steps we take :
  • Project Definition: Check and complete all project attributes
  • Analogy Selection: Search for the most applicable set of analogous projects from internal database
  • Software Sizing: Each software application of a project is being analyzed separately, but using the same sizing model
  • Reuse Analysis: Walkthrough the list of functions together with software developers and enter their estimates of expectable internal and external reuse rates, function by function
  • Situation Analysis: Walkthrough and evaluate productivity factors
  • Risk Analysis: Walkthrough and evaluate risk factors
Implementation Schedule/Coding Phase Development

Based on the detailed design, an estimate of the implementation is developed. This schedule shows the actual resources applied to the project, and the duration and start date of each task on a calendar basis. This will take into account actual work time, eliminating Holiday breaks, and individual vacation time.

These are the following testing strategies, performed on Tempo site:
  • Unit Testing - Algorithm Analysis, Boundary Value Analysis, Coverage analysis, Equivalence Partition Coverage, Data Flow Testing of a Unit
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing - Hardware Compatibility, Software Compatibility, Operating Systems Compatibility, Network Compatibility, Browser Compatibility
  • Functional Testing - Installation Testing, Enhancement Functionality - New Features, User Interface, Boundaries and Limits, Error Messages, On-Line Help Testing, Training Material Testing, Data Base Integrity, Benchmarking/Timings, Real World Manual Testing - creative testing
  • Localization Testing - Translation, Dialog Boxes - in general, Dialog Boxes - Title Bars, Dialog Boxes - Menu Bars, Dialog Boxes - Status Bars, Drop-Down List Boxes, Hot Keys and Mnemonics, List Boxes, Menus, Toolbars, Buttons
  • System Integration Testing - Testability, Reliability, Usability, Operability, Adaptability, Maintainability Stress and Volume Testing - Volume, Concurrency, Scalability, Performance, Disaster Recovery Issues